James Corden and Stevie Wonder share a ride and they can’t resist doing what they love


James Corden has long been shining in the U.K. Earlier this year; he took the responsibility to host The Late Late Show. He had to show his courage before the American fault-finding eyes as he tried to make an exclusive impression on the late night humor setting.

The press release by the CBS declaring Corden as the new host of the show included details of his several awards such as Tony Award-winning Broadway performance award. To make successful the changeover to the late night stage, Corden had many segments, for example, Carpool Karaoke where allegedly arranges to work with prominent artists along the trip.

Including famous guests in the car such as Stevie Wonder is useful. It is evident from the episode of September 14th that Corden is aware of what the American late-night crowd wants. The appearance of the 65-year-old superstition artist has received 7 million views on YouTube since Sept.15.

The comedy starts with Wonder taking over the driving responsibilities, he is blind, and this makes it even more fun.

A touching exchange takes place between them when Corden assumes the wheel. Wonder calls up Corden’s wife and tells her he called to say James loves her. Corden can’t contain himself and realized James had won him many points with his wife.

The late-night crowd can be hard to crack, but if the fame of comedies like this goes on, Corden will be amusing his fans for long.

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