This Lady Is Just Doing A School project, And Then She Runs Into A Man. You Won’t Believe This!


This story made me tear up. You see, things can really change.

Diana Kim was just 5 when her parentsseparated and her dad even abandoned her. She even became homeless for some time. However, this lovely lady didn’t give up, and she struggled through her school years. At one time, her grandma gave the heart-breaking news that her dad’s condition was getting worse. He wasn’ttaking his medication and not even bathing or even eating.

Having been introduced by her dad into the world of photography, Diana decided to adopt it as her school project, going around shooting photos of people around her home areain Maui. One day, she bumped into somebody. Her dad.

He had been standing there for a long time and people weren’t even bothered about him anymore, but Dian tried. He was so ill he couldn’t even speak. People discouraged her, but the lady but she kept on taking pictures of him and watching him from a distance.

And then she did this. Watch this clip and see what Diana did for her dad. You’ll be so touched you’ll want to SHARE this with everyone on Facebook. Incredible!

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