Though She Was In Need Of An URGENT Makeover, She Never Was This One Coming. INCREDIBLE Transformation!


Wanting some pick-me-up is a thing that every woman needs from time to time but now and then you may come across some transformation that make the life of a person better.

This day, Ann Marie who comes from New Jersey and another lady by the name Debbie McDermott who comes from Texas was in New York City and not any of them imagined something like this could happen. They attended the filming of the TODAY Show that was taking place at Rockefeller Center and the Ambush Makeover team of the show pulled them from the crowd

This was Lance’s first treat of this kind and she revealed that a flat iron had ruined her hair. After being transformed by hairstylist Louis Licari, she appeared shockingly different and looked many years younger. Just like her, her new look left me in tears!

McDermott was the next one and her new look made her husband Jimmy to be overjoyed. She just lost it when Jimmy wished her merry Christmas. This was the best surprise she has ever had in any of the festive seasons!

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